Portable Fire Pit & Gas Fire Starter

Practical Camp Gear

As an avid camper, I am always on the lookout for camping equipment to enhance my experience, recently I came across two items worth writing about and highlighting.

I experienced many a time at a camp, trying to light a fire on occasion can be daunting, frustrating and near impossible, wet wood, high winds and inadequate firelighters are some of the causes. Many Campsites locate it’s fireplaces inappropriately, smack bang in the wind, too far from your tent set up or it is just not kept in good working order, so it is good to have an alternative such as a Portable Fire Pit & Gas Fire Starter

Gas Fire Starter

When I lit a fire once with wet wood, the normal fire lighters kept burning out without actually lighting the fire, enter the gas fire starter, it worked very well, in around 3 minutes I had a raging fire going and it burnt through to coal without having to light it multiple times, so naturally, I was very impressed and can now endorse this very handy piece of camp kit.

It is available at Builders Warehouse for around R250.00 at time of writing, easy to transport and attach to my gas cylinder, easy to light and get that fire going pronto. We all take along a gas cylinder to boil water and cook on, so why not accessorize.

Portable Fire Pit

The Portable Fire Pit amazed me when I 1st saw it on YouTube and thought it was a gimmick as how could thin wire mesh not melt while burning wood on it, well apparently it handles heat well, has excellent ventilation around it and many fires later I can attest to its efficiency and durability. It’s convenience and compact fold-able size, weighing in at only 800 grams it could easily be taken on a hike too.

Available at Takelot for around R379.00 at time of writing. A fire could be made on any surface because the Fire Pit stands above ground on a quadrapod (4 Legs ) about half a meter off the ground, the mesh is so fine only very fine ash can pass through so protecting the ground below, I even had a fire going under my Awning once, no damage to anything around or below it.


These are 2 pieces of camping kit you will not find me without as a fellow camper you will know the importance of a fire at camp, whether to cook on, keep warm or just chill around at night, camping is just not the same without a fire.