Black Diamond Axiom 40 Liter – Review

Black Diamond Axiom 40 Liter – Review


This is a review of the Black Diamond Axiom 40 Liter Hiking/Climbing backpack, my personal bag used for day and multiple day treks.

Product Name:-  Black Diamond

Product No:- Axiom 40 Liter

Dimensions:- 70cm x 40cm x 25cm

Weight:- 1.1 kgs

Application:- Hiking / Climbing

Available From:-

Endorsements:- Mountain Club/Tech & Outdoor

Overall Rating:- 95-100

My Rating:- 9.8-10

Price:- ZAR 2300.00


When it was 1st suggested I downsize my hiking bag, I had a good laugh, from a Backpacker 85 liter bag which I had for years to what we jokingly referred to in the past as a moonbag (40L). I can imagine some of you reading this having a good old chuckle, revealing your age in the process, if you are familiar with a Backpacker 85 liter, then we go back many years.

With my Backpacker 85l

I was convinced to try a modern bag to keep up with the times and progress, I reluctantly agreed, until my 1st hike with my newly acquired Axiom 40, I was blown away. I was converted and never looked back, so here is what I think of the Black Diamond Axiom 40l backpack.


The Black Diamond Axiom, is a 40 liter hiking bag, with an interior aluminum frame, streamline in its design with light weight 210 denier ripstop nylon twill, to keep weight down, yet maintain durability. It has the ability to be compressed to half its size with a cleverly designed compression and roll up entry system.

Two colours availableWith 6 pockets in total and a main compartment, it is a versatile setup enabling both day and multiple day trip use. Dual hip belt stash pockets, easily accessible while on the go, side stretch pockets and front compression stretch pocket offer plenty of space for water bottles, snacks, maps and other essentials.

Side compression straps help stabilize your load, boasting multiple exterior attachment points which can accommodate ice tools and trekking poles.

I am not a small person and had my doubts this would actually fit my frame, but it does and comfortably at that. The range of adjustment and specs impressed me

  • Waist/Hips    73.66 cm – 86.36 cm.
  • Torso   44.45 cm – 52.07 cm
  • Weight empty  1.1 kgs

It is designed for hydration pack use too.

A hipbelt and shoulder straps offer superior comfort and load support, it has a patent pending reACTIV suspension system, open air panel with breathable 3d mesh and shoulder straps for great comfort, supporting more than average loads for a bag of this size and capacity.

Out and about

The main compartment has roll up closure, an inside pocket, pipe aperture for a hydration pack and a removable top bag with secure zip closure, which can be unstrapped from the main bag in seconds.

A highly adaptable backpack design.


  • Well priced In the market
  • Lightweight 
  • Internal Aluminium Frame
  • reACTIV suspension system
  • Effective Compression System – Stabilizers Loads
  • 6 pockets + Main Compartment
  • Hydration Pack Facility
  • 210 denier ripstop nylon twill material
  • Removable Top Bag with secure zip access
  • Attachments to carry Trekking poles and Ice Axes
  • Versatile Carry Capacity
  • 2 x zipped secure hip pockets – easy access
  • The Open Air panel on the back provides great ventilation even in Summer


  • Side hip pocket zips get stuck when not used for a while, due to light corrosion
  • Shows dirt easily – light colours
  • Requires thrifty packing skills for more than a weekend hike
  • Not available in some Countries and Territories

My personal experience

I use my Black Diamond Axiom on all my hikes whether it be a day or multiple day hike, it gets thrown around, scraped, abused and really used, it also gets an occasional cleaning without detergents, I use dishwashing liquid, when the need arises, I take care to dry it out of direct sunlight.

On the trail

I am also an avid droner, I find I can even fit my Phantom 4 with extra batteries and controller in the Axiom, together with my daily kit, when I drone on a hiking trail.

Final opinion

I endorse the Black Diamond Axiom 40, for its versatility, durability and sheer comfort, you will not be making a mistake in acquiring this piece of hiking kit.

The Axiom 40 does well in tight spaces too

This review is based on my personal experience with the Black Diamond Axiom 40, this is not a paid add for the manufacturers or their stockists, however this review consists of affiliate links and commissions are earned when purchasing through my website. Thanks for visiting, I will see you with my next post shortly.

All the best, Gary.

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  1. billy947

    Hello Gary;
    We have all the things you are interested in, in NY also. So using this backpack would be ideal for a lot of the sports you like also. I can’t imagine you using an 85 liter for mountain hiking. Glad you found a comparable one everyone would like to use. Wishing you all the best.


    1. admin

      Hello Bill
      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment, yes this is an awesome and versatile alternative to my old 85l
      thanks again Bill and all the best in going forward.


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