10 Hiking Essentials – Table Mountain

10 Hiking Essentials – Table Mountain

Nature is not to be disrespected, this rings true especially when we hike in our beautiful environment, Nature can turn on you and become quiet the Villain, here are 10 hiking essentials, I recommend as standard on any hike, add to your list as your personal preferences change, but keep these 10 hiking essentials. Good Hiking Boots and a sturdy Hiking Bag are the basic essentials, but what you pack into your bag is what we will cover in this concise post.
  1. Map & Compass
  2. Extra Clothing including Rain Gear
  3. Sun Protection (Hat/Sunglasses/Sunscreen)
  4. Knife (Multi tool)
  5. Flashlight (Extra Batteries)
  6. Basic 1st Aid Kit
  7. Extra Day’s Water
  8. Extra Day’s Food Rations
  9. Fire Starter Kit
  10. Emergency Blanket
It is often argued this is overkill, but in my experience one can never be over prepared. Many hiking emergencies and even deaths could be avoided by having this 10 hiking essentials as standard kit on every hike.

Ps. I will elaborate on this list in future posts. 

I hope you find this useful, remember these 10 hiking essentials.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors, until next time.

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