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This is Tech & – Welcome – I am Gary De La Cruz

It became obvious and apparent on my recent mountain hike on Table Mountain Cape Town South Africa, that technology and the outdoors can compliment each other in many ways.

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All I took along was my backpack and Cellphone which now houses an impressive camera, GPS, and route tracker/recorder app, one piece of tech to cover all my needs on an outdoor mountain hike.



In the not so distant past I hiked and camped without modern equipment, just a rucksack, tent, a bag of firewood (when needed) and a box of matches.


The early Years

GPS was introduced in the early 90’s but was very expensive and the accuracy was questionable, camera equipment was heavy and rolls of film often got spoiled in the outdoors, batteries were a pain as when they became depleted, it did not get any lighter and I carried it out to discard responsibly, especially on those multiple day hikes.

Hiking bags were heavy and some even had external frames, the only choices we had were ex military stock, Backpacker or Carri More. If we wanted anything else we had to import it ourselves at heafty costs. Hiking boots were heavy, mostly made of leather, getting pretty heavy when wet. Yet we hike many miles thoroughly enjoyed the great outdoors.

We did some epic trails, such as The Otter, The Amatola, Oteniqua, Cederberg, but to name a few multiple day hikes, where we had to live out of a bag for to up to 6-8 days.

Here and Now

We are in the new Millennium, 2018 considered to be a modern age, exciting in what technology has to offer and the rate at which it is developing. Modern materials and design of clothing apparel and outdoor equipment, even dehydrated foods and light equipment to decrease carrying weight.

We tend to take lots for granted, but out in nature we are humbled in what it is capable of, it’s stark beauty and what it teaches us about our lives.

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My Mission

As an old Outdoors Man and Gadget Junkie I will keep up to date with modern tech and outdoor equipment, review plenty stuff, post articles on many subjects pertaining to Tech & Outdoor, and showcase it here on my website.

  • Modern Gadgets
  • Apps
  • Hiking Gear
  • Camping
  • Kayaking
  • Cycling
  • Motorcycling
  • Golf
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Drones
  • Pistol Shooting
  • Paint balling
  • Even How to Earn Extra Income
 These are all things I partake in and enjoy, with a bit of petrol left in the ole’ tank I will embark on these adventures and share it with you here, so drop in from time to time and see what’s new here at
Tech and Outdoor.

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